The most craft breweries and cideries per capita in Canada; raise a pint in New Brunswick

NB Brews – Brasse NB was established to promote New Brunswick as a top destination for those who love and appreciate the art of craft beer and cider. Goals from this project include increased tourism revenue in New Brunswick and increased sales of both craft beer and cider within the province.

NB Brews is led by the New Brunswick Craft Alcohol Producers Association (NBCAPA) and is supported by an Advisory Committee of its members from within the craft beer and craft cider industries.

Through the input of this committee, NB Brews aims to use the strength of Canada’s largest, per capita brewing industries on the map as a top destination for current and future beer lovers in Atlantic Canada and beyond.


Ah, vacations. Aren’t they the best? You slow down, go at your own pace, and have the time to truly experience your surroundings. That means you can truly dig into your surroundings; whether it’s a walk along the streets of Fredericton, a meandering tour of the Acadian coast, or a walk through historic Uptown Saint John.

Whether you’re visiting from away or looking for a staycation in your own back yard, there’s no better way dig into local culture than stopping in for a pint of craft beer or cider and sharing a conversation at a local tap room.

New Brunswick is home to more than 55 craft breweries and 6 cideries. In fact, there are more craft breweries and cideries per capita in New Brunswick than anywhere else in Canada.

Want to explore all that New Brunswick’s craft breweries and cideries have to offer? We’ve got your trip ideas all lined up below.

Multi-Day Trips

The Fundy Coastal Drive runs 460 km along the south and southeastern coast of New Brunswick. Home to the world’s highest tides in the Bay of Fundy, the Fundy coast boasts more than 30 craft breweries serving some of the highest quality beer and cider in the Atlantic provinces. Spend a weekend or stay the week and work up a thirst as you explore the history-filled cities, the beauty of our coastal trails and beaches, and then stop into one of 30 different craft beer and cider taprooms. Nothing beats a crisp pint after a day spent exploring.

Known around the region and the world for its spirited Acadian culture, the Acadian coast in New Brunswick is 750 km of friendly communities and opportunities to experience that Acadian heritage first-hand through living history. In fact, the same joie-de-vivre that is woven through the Acadian heritage is poured into the region’s craft beer. The local producers capture the tastes of their community and serve it up for all to enjoy. With more than 20 craft beer and brew pubs to enjoy along the Acadian Coastal Beer Trail, you’ll be sure to be back.

The New Brunswick River Valley Beer Trail is the perfect way to discover the natural wonder of the beautiful Saint John River; winding along the corridor from Madawaska to the city of Saint John. Covering 512 km, there are more than 41 craft beer craft cider tap rooms to visit and explore. Whether you’re looking to tour the orchards along the River Valley corridor or stop into brew houses in Saint John, Edmundston or Fredericton, you won’t be lost for choice. A host of diverse producers are serving up world-class beer and cider options as deep as our tides.

Day Trips

Saint John




Grand Falls/Edmundston

Acadian Peninsula & Chaleur Region

Fredericton Taproom Trail

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